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Save yourself time and money with full service direct mail. Direct mail is personal, flexible, targeted, and cost-effective. Best of all, it stands out in a digital world. Email marketing open and response rates have been dramatically decreasing in recent years as inboxes become more and more clogged, while direct mail response rates have remained steady. Provide your own design or let our experienced designers create one for you and we will print, address, and mail your pieces at the lowest postage rate available. We work directly with the Chattanooga post office to ensure your mail meets all USPS regulation and it will be delivered in your desired time window.

Folded Pieces

If you intend to send out a folded mail piece, we’ve got you covered! Collective Design Works will fold your mail and use USPS regulation tabs to seal each piece so it is safe to be mailed.

Mailing Lists

The classic rule of direct-mail-marketing states that 40 percent of the success of your direct mail campaign hinges on the quality of your mailing list. To have a successful campaign, you need a great mailing list-comprised of individuals and businesses that are likely to buy from you.

If you are looking to bring back in customers who have bought from you in the past, it’s a great idea to maintain an in-house list to mail to. However, if you are looking to bring in new customers, then there are two options – renting or purchasing a mailing list or using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Collective Design Works can assist you in renting or purchasing a mailing list where you determine your own demographics - geographic location, gender, income bracket, education, marital status, age, and more. This allows you to carefully target the audience best suited to your product and message, making every piece of mail sent more likely to be effective.

EDDM is a service offered through the postal service. You don’t create a mailing list based on demographics, instead, USPS delivers a mail piece to every single resident or business within a defined geographic region. You get a little bit of a price break as well, since it is not necessary to sort the mail pieces. Businesses that do well with EDDM tend to be those who provide a product or service that is near universal, which almost everyone needs. Gas stations, mechanics, clothing stores, and pharmacies are perfect candidates for this service.

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Our website looks great! We got everything we asked for and they were very quick to make the changes we wanted.

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Our business cards have never looked better! Fairly priced and fast shipping. I would highly recommend Collective Design Works.

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