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If your small or medium sized business doesn’t have a dedicated IT department, we would be happy to help! Third party technical support with Collective Design Works may be the affordable solution that you are looking for. Our help desk experts right here in Chattanooga will tackle all of your computer support needs, from basic day-to-day trouble-shooting to long-term network development, training, and infrastructure investment.

Network Support Services

In order to run efficiently and meet modern demands of speed and security, your business needs a network. Collective Design Works can assess your needs and design a plan to optimize the functionality of your business. We will plan for firewalls, switches, access points, modems, routers, printers, and everything in between.

Your business may have a pre-existing network that has fulfilled your needs, until addressing minor issues and then major problems became part of your daily routine. We offer network support services so our technical experts can get you back on track with a well-maintained an efficient network system while you get back to running your business.


Whether your system architecture needs and upgrade or you are fending off persistent sales calls, IT purchasing can be overwhelming if you don’t have experts to consult with. When it is time to purchase new equipment, receive guidance from someone who knows your business. Collective Design Works can make sure you get what you need without breaking the bank.


Collective Design Works provides training right here in Chattanooga on both systems and specific software to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. By creating more capable and knowledgeable employees, you are investing in the future of your business.

Account Management

Whether its email or Active Directory accounts on your domain, we can help. Our help desk is a one-to-one relationship where we are the single point of contact for all of your accounts to simplify your business and empower you.

Backup and Recovery

As anyone who has ever had a computer crash knows, a backup is essential. Whether it is an employee error, malware, or a catastrophic incident, losing all of your business data is an unfortunate possibility. Creating backups guarantees that critical business data is reproducible.


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