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Best Practices of Promotional Items


Promotional items are surprisingly effective marketing tools. But, you still want the best bang for your buck.

  • The first rule of promotional items is cheaper is not always better. You have already committed to spending money, spend it well. Your goal is to have your product in use long-term to serve as a continual advertisement for your brand. A cheap product (often the cheapest pen, water bottle, or Kozie money can buy) often goes straight into the trash, sometimes it doesn’t even make it to the recipient’s home.
  • If possible, give promotional items your targeted audience will use in the environment where they will be when making decisions about your services. If you are selling lawn care, a water bottle or Frisbee could be an excellent choice.  If your business is targeting executives, you might prefer to hand out office items or golf gear.
  • Differentiate yourself! Ever been to a conference where three separate booths were handing out the exact same pens in different colors?  So have we.   Make a choice to stand out. Go with a high quality item, a clever marketing slogan, or an unusual item that will draw attention.
  • You can never go wrong with a quality re-usable bag.