Quiz Me!


Clever schoolmatesThe first goal of your company’s marketing and online presence is to create customer interaction.  You may want to make sales, get subscribers, and create email lists along the way, but that can only happen once you first convince someone to interact with you and your brand.

Interactions can be achieved through calls to action, asking your customer to go to your store, enter their email address, download your brochure, or pick up that phone.

But there are levels of calls to action, certainly entering an email address or downloading a product guide from your website are smaller demands than physical actions such as going to a store or dialing the phone.  It is often better to start with a smaller request, to ease someone in.

One online request that consumers find difficult to resist is the online quiz.  There is a reason Buzzfeed is incredibly popular, and no, it’s not because of their cutting-edge news coverage.  It’s because their many fun lists and quizzes draw you in until you are addicted.  Which Disney villain are you?  I’m Jafar.

People love being the star of their own story, so make it about them!  Quizzes don’t have to be about Disney characters – for a consultant agency try “What kind of leadership style do you have?  For a bookstore “Which Steven King protagonist are you?”  Or even “How does your manufacturing style compare?” Quizzes can be fun or informative but either way,  people are actively engaging in your site, enjoying a brand-related positive experience, receiving subtle marketing, and possibly feeding you personal information.

Don’t forget to end the quiz by asking for their email address or another stronger call to action.

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