What’s in a word?


People hate the color brown – studies show they think it is boring, ugly, and reminiscent of dirt.  One color that people do like is mocha. They appreciate its warmth and earthiness. Even when shown the exact same color, people prefer the color labeled as mocha over the one labeled as brown.

While we all like to think of ourselves as modern, logical thinkers who are immune to the charms of marketing, the reality is that we are all heavily influenced by subconscious emotional connections. Mocha is not a word, it is an experience – the warmth and contentment of a hot and chocolaty drink on a cold morning.

Your company has a limited amount of space on its website and brochures, and only a limited amount of engagement from your reader. Instead of wasting precious seconds of interaction on overly long and detailed descriptions of products and services, use short and evocative copy that taps into their subconscious. Let your future clients make their decision to work with you based on their emotions and they will proceed with confidence rather than waffling over lists of features that may or may not matter to them.

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