Getting Started with Social Media Advertising

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If you are considering dipping your toe into online advertising, social media ads are the perfect place to start – they are relatively inexpensive, easy to set up, and effective.

Most social media ad platforms rely on a PPC model.  PPC means Pay Per Click, essentially, you don’t pay for to display your ad, instead you pay a certain cost every time someone clicks on your ad.  You can set up a budget for your ad, decide, for example, that you want to spend no more than ten dollars a day over the course of ten days.

But how much does every click cost?  It varies – a lot.  A click can cost anywhere from $ 0.02 up to over $2.  Different platforms have different targeting options.

For some social media networks like Facebook the cost is dependent on your targeted demographic audience.  These platforms allow you to pick characteristics of the audience you would like to be viewing the ad–it is extremely customizable.  If you want your ad to appear in front of 50 – 60 year-old women in the Chattanooga, TN region who are interested in knitting, that cost per click will be different than having your ad appear before 18-30 year-old men in the Atlanta area who are interested in sports.  Usually, the more companies competing to advertise to the same target audience, the more expensive it is. (Bonus tip: if this process seems overwhelming try using Facebook’s lookalike audience feature which allows you to target Facebook users that have profiles similar to the profiles of people who already like you Facebook page).

For platforms like Twitter that don’t have as much user information, you can target based off of search terms or hashtag uses.  You may want to advertise your new club to someone who uses the hashtag #singlelife which may or may not be more expensive than advertising your comic book store to someone who uses the hashtag #nerdsforlife.

Once you have played around with different audiences and budgets, you will be ready to create an ad!  Feel free to get creative with your own photos and slogans, but if you need professional help to design your ad or even set it up, Collective Design Works can help with that!


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