Sooo, What Exactly is a Landing Page?


You’ve heard the term, you’ve nodded knowingly about them in conversations, but what exactly are landing pages?

A landing page is a website page meant to target a specific audience and obtain their information.  A landing page might be used as a target for people who find your website through an email campaign, an ad, or through specific targeted keywords.

Sending all traffic from many different sources to your generic home page means you are missing a powerful opportunity for your website and your business.

A landing page calls for action catered to your specified audience – it asks for contact information, provides a newsletter sign up, or whatever you want this specific type of visitor to do.  Often an interested person who lands on a website homepage instead of a landing page will get lost, explore the website a little and then leave because no direct action is requested of them once they arrive.

An effective landing page takes immediate advantage of your visitors’ interest.  It has limited navigation, making it less likely that they will move on other internal pages. It is short and to the point as not to bore them, and it offers immediate action.  It also delivers value.  With understanding of what is compelling for you audience, your landing page should provide a valuable offer in exchange for their contact information, whether that is a discount, information, or access.

Plan ahead, what call to action and offer would be effective for your audience?  Is there a strong visual element you can include that will complement the specific call to action? What title should you use that will include the most effective keywords?  Once you can answer these questions, you are ready to create your own revenue-driving landing page for your own business.

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