Is Your Marketing Too Me-Centric?


Even if your company brochure is a masterfully crafted combination  of beautiful photographs, subtle graphics, and polished copy, it may still be ineffective at connecting to your prospective clients.  Your customers are not looking for a simple product or service, they are looking for something to fulfill their own needs.

When your copy only lists features and benefits that highlight how awesome YOU and YOUR COMPANY and YOUR PRODUCT are, you are not connecting with the consumer.  Any message that doesn’t directly target your customer’s need and offer solutions , is a waste of space.

When looking at your existing marketing copy, try to analyze it within the context of the eighty/twenty rule.  At least eighty percent of your copy should be written aimed at your consumer and be written in the second person (i.e. “you”) and no more than twenty percent should be written in the first person (i.e. “we”, “I”, “our”).  The harsh reality is that no one cares about your company except in the context of how is it helpful to them.  So, avoid the trap of selling yourself. Instead, sell consumers on their own possible lifestyle, success, and fulfillment.

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