6 Ways to Establish Trust as a New eCommerce Retailer


  1. Flaunt your Compliments

When customers rave about your business, flaunt it!  Posting gushing reviews on your website helps future customers feel more secure.

  1. Activate Your Social Game

Yes you have a Facebook and maybe even an Instagram account, but a post every six months is not enough.  Regular posting of new products, insider content, chatting up confused customers, are all part of the necessary social media game.

  1. FAQ

Answer questions before they are asked! Show customers that you are always one step ahead of tem and think of every possible scenario a buyer could go through.  Create a FAQ page and utilize thorough product descriptions.  Offer clear policies on shipping and returning items.  Customers who have a positive and easy return experience are actually more likely to shop with you again.

  1. Introduce Yourself

It is easier for customers to trust a business with a face, so introduce yourself and your brand.  Spotlight the people working behind the computers and you will create a sense of human connection.

  1. Connect

Make yourself available so your customers can connect with you.  Be available and responsive with email, phone, social media, and online forms.

  1. Compete

If you are willing to put your brand out there in direct competition, consider offering a comparison chart.  You can set up a comparison table breaking down what your products offer and what your competitors offer.  This shows strong confidence in your product.

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