The Power of Promotion

Promo Items Pic CroppedPromotional products are powerful.  They are some of the most cost-effective advertisement available, they are tangible, useful, and you can perfectly target who receives them.  But they are more than that too.

Psychologically, promotional products play directly into ages old cultural norms.  Essentially, humans rely on the idea of reciprocity, if someone gives you something, you feel a certain sense of personal responsibility to them, you owe them something.

Non-profits play off of this all of the time.  One charity reports that when it sends donation request letters, they get about an 18% response rate, when they add 8 cent personalized address labels, their response rate shoots up to 35%.  People feel guilty over using the address labels without sending something in return.

Data continuously backs up the psychology, people who use promotional products are likely to be return customers, all while their use advertises your services.

Check out these pretty impressive facts:

  • Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products.
  • 53% of these people use a promotional product at least once a week.
  • 81% keep products because they’re useful
  • Before receiving a promotional product, 55% of people had done business with the advertiser. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people did business with the advertiser.
  • 59% have a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a product.
  • Bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the U.S.
  • 48% of consumers would like to receive promotional products more often.
  • 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years.
  • 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen and 74% have at least one in their workspace.
  • Women are more likely to have bags, writing instruments and calendars, whereas men are more likely to own shirts and caps.
  • 57% of people were able to recall the advertiser on a mug, versus 32% of radio and 28% of television.

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