Social Media Strategy: Does Memorial Day Really Work for your Brand?

_DSC8778 patchPublic holidays are always great fodder for your social media feed.  Brands embrace not just Christmas and Thanksgiving, but less consuming holidays like Presidents Day, Earth Day, the Superbowl, and even Talk Like a Pirate Day.  But the question you should ask yourself before hitting post is this – “Is this holiday right for my brand?”

For an example, look at the next major holiday, Memorial Day.  Should your social media feature a tribute to those who have fallen for our country?  Maybe.  While capitalizing on current events is a powerful way to participate in the greater conversation, it can also damage your brand if the message doesn’t resonate.

Embracing a more frivolous holiday is rarely going to go seriously wrong, although there may be some cognitive dissonance if your brand generally embraces conservative values and marketing strategies.  However, involving your brand in a more serious holiday like Memorial Day, or even a national tragedy, is a calculated risk.  You are pushing your brand to the frontlines of consumer angst.  This precarious position can reap you vast rewards, or create the unflattering perception that you are taking advantage of a solemn moment to promote and market your brand.

Ask yourself this “Can I create a post in relevant respectful way that stands out and may even inspire my audience to do the same?”  If the answer is a confident yes, then proceed with caution.  If the words “no” or “maybe” crossed your mind, then go ahead and sit this one out.  No one is anxiously waiting at home for your next social media post.  Wait a day and resume your normal posting to reengage your audience, you won’t be missed.

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