4 Characteristics of a Good Logo

logo progressionWhat your business needs in a logo may be very different than another business in a separate industry.  However, there are certain characteristics any good logo should have.

  1. Unique
    If there is a current logo trend, you do NOT want to jump on it! Your logo is the identifying mark of your business, its needs to be distinct and easily recognizable.  Another reason to buck the trends – they quickly become dated.
  2. Emotional Connection
    If you are going to invest in logo to represent your business, makes sure that it conveys a clear message about your brand.  A bland, indistinct logo is not adding to the value of your business.
  3. Useable in Black and White
    Don’t forget about practicality in logo design.  There will be a time when your logo is represented in black and white.  It is necessary to ensure that your logo still looks good and is still easily identifiable as your brand even when represented without color.
  4. Scalable in Size
    Your new logo may go anywhere, so it needs to look good at any size.  Will it still look great if it is shrunk down in size, tiny, in the corner of a website displayed on a small smart phone? That is particularly important, because mobile website viewing is how most people will see your logo and branding for the first time. How will it look on a billboard?

At the end of the day a logo can be as simple, complex, funky, or professional as you make it.  It’s good to keep these guidelines in mind but the most important requirement is that your logo needs to represent your business’ personality and values.

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