IT Quick Fix: Never Leave an Important Document at Home Again

cloud computingAn unexpected pitch is a great opportunity for your small business! Until, you realize that you don’t have that important document with you. It’s neither printed nor saved on your laptop.

In an ideal world you would have saved all important documents on a cloud based backup like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud so everything can be accessed anywhere at any time.  But in a realistic world, the document you need is probably in the one folder you never got around to backing up.

It’s okay, you are prepared.  Because you have followed our IT experts’ advice and have previously installed and set-up TeamViewer on your computer.  TeamViewer is remote access software that is free for personal use.  Meaning you can log into and control your home or business computer from another device.  As your business’ needs get bigger you may choose to work with Collective Design Works to set-up your own network and set-up company-wide software.  But for your own personal use or your small business with just a couple of employees, the TeamViewer personal use remote access software is an effective tool available at no cost to you.

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