What exactly is Responsive Web Design?  And do you need it?

Responsive design is the new standard for modern website design.  And yes, you need it.

Okay, so there is a little bit more to it than that.  Any modern website will be accessible from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and huge desktops screens.  It is impossible to create a static, unchanging website that will look great and be easy to use on every single type of screen.  For a while, designers were often developing two separate websites, a full desktop version, and a stripped down mobile version. However, this was not a perfect solution. There are wide variety of screen sizes and dimensions, what looks good on the smallest smart phone, will not look good on a tablet, and with the vast array of devices on the market, it is impossible to create a set design for every device.

Then came the advent of responsive design.

responsive design

Responsive design is the concept of a website which responds to screen size, rendering a display to be optimized for and easily usable on any size device.  By using flexible grids to layout a website, developers create a fluid website that adapts to its environment.

Responsive design is no longer an optional upgrade for a business, it has become the standard.  Ignoring all trends, at the end of the day there are two reasons you need a responsive design website.  1) Google prioritizes mobile optimized websites on all Google searches conducted on a mobile device.  Considering that mobile Google searches outpaced desktop searches back in 2014, your search engine ranking is being negatively impacted in the majority of searches.  And 2) Users may not notice if your website is optimized, but they will notice if it isn’t.  It is frustrating to touch small buttons, zoom in and out, and scroll side to side.  It is not a positive experience.  User research indicates that 64% of Internet users will not return to a website that they found frustrating to use.

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